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Our Thai programs focus on building conversational Thai that you can use from day one. At Insight English we feel it is important to first learn to speak the language.

As children we learn to speak before we move onto reading and writing. The Insight English teaching methodology focuses on you and encourages student participation focusing on student interaction.

Study Options

The choice is yours:

Group Class

Private Class

Online with a teacher

Group Online Class

Group classes allow you to make friends and have fun with the other students while you learn.  We understand people are busy, so the online group class is 1 hour/week with a Thai teacher.

Studying at the school in person gives more of a personal feeling to study and these classes are 3 times a week so a little more intense.

Private classes are idea for people who have busy schedules and need the flexibility to move class times or postpone from time to time.  They allow for more focused learning and the instructor moves at your pace.

We offer a FREE no obligation demonstration class.

Contact us now to discuss which option is best for you and to arrange your free class:

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Per hour cost


Total Cost

Group Thai Class:

210 Baht/hour

20 hours

4,200 Baht

Private Thai Class & Online Private:

675 Baht/hour

20 hours

13,500 Baht

Group Online Class:

250 Baht/hour

8 hours

2,000 Baht


Choose a group class or private one on one tuition. 

If you have a requirement that is not listed above, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

We offer English language study with an Education Visa. 

To find out how we can help, simply call or mail us